Multi-media installation, dimensions variable.
3 videos, 1 audio track, cable ties, text projection, thermochromic liquid crystal sheet, plywood, MDF, acrylic paint. Height 2.42 m.

This Honours project investigates transformations and screening behaviours observed in thermochromic liquid crystals and human emotional responses through multi-media installation practice-led research. Through an exploration of the dual, opposing definitions of the verb ‘to screen’ (‘to display’ versus ‘to obscure’) and the way that these screening behaviours exhibited in thermochromic liquid crystals as a result of heat stimuli are also performed by humans (often in response to emotional stimuli), human and nonhuman actants are given the chance to dialogue with one another in a way that celebrates a theory of universal interconnectedness and the breakdown of the Nature/Culture binary.


The material qualities of the liquid crystals are combined with actions of self-exposure and self-concealment investigated through the creation of objects, fields, speech, text and video performance elements through highly layered editing processes. The revelation of personal secrets is partially obscured through compressions and layers of encryption to create elements which act as perforated screens, allowing glimpses at original meaning while encouraging the exploration of new connections and interpretations.