Identity Crisis

Mylar, pedestal fans, spray paint, LED beacons.


Identity Crisis is an exploration of perception and identity. It examines the distorted ways in which we view ourselves and our propensity to project differing images of ourselves when we enter different situations.


This tendency can result in issues relating to the upkeep of multiple identities and the confusion which accompanies our efforts to discern our true identity. For some people being confronted with these issues results in a mental or emotional crisis. This is represented in the work through the use of emergency blankets. They are highly reflective but never present a true reflection of the viewer- it is always distorted.


The inclusion of flashing distress beacons exacerbates the atmosphere of confusion and emergency encountered by the viewer. The three fans represent the idea of ‘me, myself and I’, the threefold personalities which engage in inner dialogue as we attempt to identify ourselves.