El Joc de la Llum

Synthetic textile, thread, wool, foam, plastic, water, LEDs.

Barcelona 2016; Adelaide 2017

Architecture is the organisation of light;
sculpture is the play of light.

-Antoni Gaudí

In his designs for the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí made innovative and extensive use of hyperboloids as a means of directing light in a highly efficient way. El Joc de la Llum is a response to the light and geometry of the interior of the nave of La Sagrada Familia. However, just as Gaudi’s original plans for the nave have been re-interpreted by the architects who succeeded him, so this work re-shapes these ideas yet again. In the same way that new architects have applied modern materials and ways of working to his designs, this installation translates them further into textile objects which mimic hyperbolic forms while rejecting mathematical rigidity.


Where Gaudí’s hyperboloids regulate, arrange and transport light, these objects dance with it instead. Here it is held in internal tension, sometimes veiled, other times allowed float freely. By shifting the function of the hyperboloid form from channel to vessel, an opportunity is created for light to play.


Created while undertaking an artist residency at Mas Els Igols, Barcelona.