Between House and Home Exhibition

Collective Haunt


Between House and Home is a collaborative exhibition created with Mira Sulistiyanto.

Examined through the perspective of two adult TCKs (Third Culture Kids), Between House and Home explores parallels across individual experiences in different cultures and countries. In our increasingly mobile world we come to understand home as a plural term, referring not to one physical location but rather to an array of places we might grow into. 

Is home a sacred thing or the most widely applicable label in the dictionary? Where are we able to set down our things and say with conviction that we are home? How does a mobile childhood influence our identities as adults? This body of work collects and reflects on objects and memories, examining the links between both tangible and elusive constructions of home. 

Felicity Townsend is an Adelaide-based artist who grew up in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Mira Sulistiyanto is an Australian-Indonesian woman who grew up in Singapore. Between House and Home is her debut exhibition.